Music, design and drama have all played important roles in the evolution of dance , and in many cultures dance has actually been inseparable from these arts. Dance costume also plays an important role in dance and theatre. Rajesh K. Parihar is an artistic director, choreographer, and instructor associated with various schools and corporate industry. The roots of western Maheshwari costume is being strengthened by Rajesh He has done Prabhakar in kathak (Jaipur Gharana) and has learned various western dance forms from Shiamak Dawar institute for performing arts (Delhi). After an experience of 12 years in the dance industry, he is well familiar with designing costumes for dance and importance of colour, texture, and comfortable fabric for the dancewear. If dance is worship, then Shiamak is my god- Rajesh.

Indian culture is the most prominent and contemporary cultures of all time. Depiction of Moral and values of any country is defined by their heritage. Since the Ancient time, the culture and traditions of our country are famous all over the world, for it’s various vertical and especially for being the oldest civilization in the world. Maheshwari Aims to bring the Indian culture to its highest stance. The roots of traditional Maheshwari costume is being strengthened by Acharya Akash who himself have been Associated and learned from the sages of Gurukul in Uttrakhand. He Himself has completed his graduation and masters from Lal bahadur Shastri Institute of Management Delhi. He excelled in his stream of Sanskrit Literature and bagged a Gold Medal for himself. According to Acharya Akash, The art of music, dance, and drama have been Associated and rooted in the forms of Natya-Shastra. In the future, he is planning to educate the young generation about the Immense culture that their Country Holds.

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